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Metallic Mineral Eye Shadow Set


Awesome value at only $75.00 for all 6 shades, when priced individually at $25 per shade! The set includes all 6 rich tones in connecting pots, a mini sealant and a mini duo eye shadow brush. These beautiful metallic colours can be worn soft and smoky, or wet with our specially formulated paraben-free eye sealant for a strong, dramatic look.

Colours include  Gold, Bronze, Opal, Copper, Silver and Pewter.

Tips & Tricks For Metallic Mineral Eyeshadow Set:

  1. Use an eye shadow brush for a light dusting of metallic minerals that is subtle enough for daytime wear, or apply wet with our eye sealant to create a vibrant pop with unbelievable staying power.
  2. Load up the bristles with your metallic minerals, tap off the excess, and gently press shadow onto your lids. This will help to prevent powder fallout from the brush tip.
  3. Cream Shadow: Moisten eye shadow brush with sealant to create richer, more intense eye color that doesn’t crease or fade. Note: less solution will make the look more opaque and intense, and more solution will make the look sheer like watercolor. Apply the moistened metallics, blending as it dries.
  4. Eyeliner: Moisten eye liner brush and apply around the lash line for high-intensity eye definition. A little sealant goes a long way – just one drop is needed to turn your metallic minerals color into a fabulous liner.
  5. Lip Color: Apply over lip gloss to create intense all over lip color or just a dab on the center of your bottom lip.
  6. Nail Polish: Add to clear nail polish for a unique nail color that matches your eye shadow.
  7. Body Glitter: Mix with body lotion to create an all-over body shimmer or brush on dry with large powder brush.
  8. Hair Streaks: Mix a small amount of your chosen metallic with hair gel and apply to a strand of hair for a funky, streaked look that easily washes off later.


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