A SPLASH of Inspiration:

My name is Jocelyn Derecourt and I have been a qualified Beauty Therapist & Make Up Artist since 1998. I have been exposed to thousands of women over the years and find the greatest satisfaction in making people feel great about their skin and appearance.

I have worked with so many makeup ranges over the years including both ‘professional’ brands and ‘retail only’ brands. The inspiration behind my search for faultless make up, resulted from my desire to recommend make up that I knew would compliment good skin care and assist a healthy complexion using natural, toxin free formulas.

I have found there are some great mineral make up ranges, but they often feel a little old fashioned OR what they report to be healthy skin ingredients are anything but! There are also a certain few who still in this day and age continue to test on animals, which doesn’t bear thinking about! So with this in mind, I bring you our cruelty free, toxin free, natural collection, SPLASH Alchemy.

SPLASH professional:

I have seen the beauty industry evolve with a big turn toward active cosmedical and cosmeceutical skin care, stronger peels, IPL and lasers, LED, Skin Needling and the list goes on. We work hard to improve our clients’ various skin conditions, so we need to feel 100% satisfied that the makeup we recommend for our clients, will maintain their results, rather than send them backwards AND will be makeup they love and enjoy using! Splash is NOT designed to compete with your skin care, rather to complement it. 

After researching the current professional makeup lines on offer, I found the minority that stacked up ingredient wise, they were often marketed poorly, wanted your initial order to include colours that would sit on your shelves forever, or felt a little old fashioned. The majority included ingredients that were toxic and scientifically proven harmful to the skin such as Bismuth Oxychloride, Parabens and Mineral Oil to name but a few.

A lot of cosmetics exist which claim to be good for the skin, yet hide a chemical cocktail of toxic and/or carcinogenic ingredients that can clog pores causing congestion and pimples and/or irritate the skin. Make up should be the first line of daily defence against free radicals and sun.

So I urge you to consider creating the full circle of skin wellness in your clinic or spa by offering your clients a make up brand with formula’s you can trust. Don’t let your hard work and your clients money go to waste by allowing clients to use a random make up brand that causes potential skin irritation or breakouts. As a skin expert, this is my sole reason for creating the beautiful, healthy Splash Alchemy, cruelty free cosmetics!